Designers Guild Interview with Scopio Co-Founder Nour Chamoun

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Co-Founder, and Chief of Product Nour Chamoun recently sat down with Designers Guild to share her story on Scopio. Here is what they talked about

Why did you start working on this?

My background is in design and I love visualizing impact, we started working on this when I was doing my masters in Technology and Design at Parsons in New York. We identified a huge problem with the abundance of photos shared on social media telling amazing stories, but not easy way for people to use these unique photos in their own stories outside of social media. So, we set out to create a marketplace of thousands of high quality photos sourced from social media and commercially licensed them so they can actually be used for more ways than just on social media.

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What needs do you think you'll continue to meet for designers (and which kinds)?

Every designer gets to the point in many of their client projects where they have to choose the right photos that go along with their branded material. It's always challenging to find authentic content that communicates the message where stock photos just don't cut it. Scopio's marketplace is that solution for designers and creatives to buy affordable, high quality, and relevant photos for their material.

What are some of the things you use this for?

Designers can browse a growing library of tending and relevant photos to use for their projects from branded material to websites to apps to posters and other printed material. The uses are endless. Uncover a new visual language through everyday people’s photos!

Do you have any design or product goals for 2019 that this discount is helping you push towards?

We currently have over 100,000 photos so far, from over 10,000 creators from 150+ countries and we’re becoming the most diverse and authentic photo library. We have 15,000 for view on our site now. Our goal this year is to become the largest library of high quality user-generated photos available for commercial use. And we're offering the Design Guild community and extending to designers a promo code for 40% off on all our photos. Just email us on [email protected] and we'll send you it. Happy searching!

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