These Three Photographers were Featured on Forbes

This Platform Allows Travel Content Makers To Earn Extra Money During COVID-19 

originally published by Forbes

Scopio’s vision is to make the millions of high quality images of global photographers on platforms like Instagram accessible to the rest of the web so they can power human centered storytelling. The world is diverse, and we want to be the largest library of authentic images that photographers everywhere can contribute to.

Scopio’s photographers offer a contemporary perspective into their cities and people. By telling authentic stories drawn from experiences that are uniquely their own, they defy common stereotypes that are attached to these localities and transform perceptions. Forbes writes "This Platform Allows Travel Content Makers To Earn Extra Money During COVID-19." See the full article on Forbes here.

man in india

Abhishek Yadav from India, draws his inspiration from the Royal courts of Delhi to tell the story of the Indian monarchs who once ruled. Self portraits are his speciality where he becomes the subject and photographer. 

man in front of the train

Charry Jin from Brazil, uses photography to express the complexity of human emotions. This was taken in the subway station in São Paulo. Crowded public transportation has been part of the daily routine of millions of commuters before the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, commuting has a whole new meaning. 

two people on a van

Manon Van Os and her partner are from the Netherlands and love adventure. They lived in a van for a year and traveled to almost every corner of New Zealand. This photo was taken in a volcanic area known as the Tongariro National Park.

beirut image

Tariq Keblaoui is based in Beirut and has been documenting the protests unfolding in the past couple of months. Despite Lebanon’s uncertain political and economic conditions that are causing a lot of businesses like hotels to shut down, young people have always found a creative outlet for their self expression. Morissa is an actor and producer posing in front of the iconic Riviera Hotel.