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is a community-based platform and marketplace where anyone can share images and stories from around the world. With the goal of elevating human stories told by people from underrepresented communities and regions, the vision of Scopio is to distribute the world’s images so they can make their place in history. Scopio has over 25k businesses who use millions of images and hire more than 14k artists from 150 countries in photography, art, illustration and more. 

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We're a tight bunch of creatives from around the globe.

Our goal is to support rising photographers and artist across the world so they can pursue capturing and sharing authentic moments and get their images used by the world's best creatives and earn money. Through their lens we can change the way we see the world. Scopio supports more than over 25k businesses, designers, artists, and producers around the world who are looking for authentic and diverse images to power their storytelling and to bring in talent from all over the world and different backgrounds.

Our team has your back. We're a tight bunch of creatives from around the globe and based in New York and LA. From machine-learning experts to social media geeks and content-licensing professionals led by female founders, everyone at Scopio is united through one common theme: Connecting the world through visual storytelling.


Our Curated Approach

Scopio’s mission is to find the best rising photographers and artists from every corner of the world.



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Discover Something Better, Updated Daily 


You shouldn’t have to spend hours scouring social media for that perfect photo or artist  — especially when you can’t get creative with it or collaborate.

Reach out for custom projects for unique content and to support diverse artists.

Creating From Your Heart


Everything from media companies, non-profits and local initiatives, artists, authors, inspiration sites, app developers, health care professionals, grocery stores, graphic design apps, language platforms, consulting, learning and spiritual sites are all using Scopio to push the limits of creativity and building stories that we see and use everyday through diverse images. They are hiring artists in the creation of art and photography including NFT collection art including meta for the smart contracts, illustrations 2D/3D, animation, VFX, including the creation of music visuals, book visuals, film posters, key art, film & cinematography, director - filming and editing

We access our creator pool of 14k artists worldwide who have all different skill sets and software knowledge. Our community offers your projects accurate representation - as every artist can be local to your country, city.

We have made it dead easy to use the world's most talented up and coming artists so you can spend time building impact. If you have questions, reach out to us through the contact us form, and we'll get back right away. Join thousands of creatives using Scopio to humanize their storytelling.


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Keep it real. 

Sincerely, Christina Hawatmeh and Nour Chamoun

Featured in CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, NBC news.


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Our photo a few years ago...Don't use your phone while riding a bike please!

Christina Hawatmeh (CEO) and Nour Chamoun (Chief Product) 

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