About Us

A History Lesson

Stock licensing began with professionals and outtakes from feature films and 35mm newsreels.

Its child, microstock, introduced royalty-free licensing and cashed in on advances in equipment and codecs.

The next generation of image and video licensing is now upon us. It centers around social media, where anyone with a camera and an internet connection can share the world as they know it. It also has opened up our appetite for discovery, creativity, and inspiration.

With Instagram alone adding over 50 million images and videos a day to a massive pool of UGC, Scopio’s mission is to cut through the clutter with a platform to show you images that inspire. We're making it easier to discover and license images that'll get you four times the click-throughs or videos that increase engagement by 28%. 

Because, hey, no matter what your business is about, the world is moving towards more authentic photos and videos. You already know that though, because there are over 25 million business profiles using Instagram worldwide, and you are probably one of them.


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Discover Something Better 

Scopio is a robust, AI-driven user-generated content discovery and licensing platform.

Plainly, you can sign up and search our platform to find curated images from Instagram and Twitter. You can save your searches, and then get the rights to use images at anytime through messaging the owner from our platform. 

When you sign up your personal dashboard leverages proprietary AI based search and request technology, enabling you to discover curated images directly from Instagram and Twitter, and get inspired like you do with platforms like Pinterest.

You can also safely license authentic social media images and videos directly from the person that created the image on Instagram and Twitter.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours scouring social media for that perfect photo or video — especially when you can’t get creative with it.


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Keep it real

We live in a world where anyone can take and share photos or videos in minutes, and this kind of content outperforms canned stock photos by leaps and bounds. Why?

UGC captures a slice of reality — maybe even something from five minutes ago. It’ll increase your metrics like it’s nobody’s business. And the experts agree.


Our team has your back

We're a tight bunch of creatives from around the globe.

From machine-learning experts to social media geeks and content-licensing professionals, everyone at Scopio is united through one common theme: Connecting the world through visual storytelling.

Businesses talk in one language with the images and videos they use. Everyday people talk in another with the content they create through platforms like Instagram and Twitter, that have opened up the possibilities of using powerful and unique images to localize storytelling and make things more personal. And Scopio? We’re melding those languages together.


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