Update the Captions and Keywords on Your Photos

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Now is the time to change your photo captions and tags to represent your photos better. We use Artificial Intelligence to tag and caption the photo, it’s not always accurate or great with identifying diverse people or concepts. If you see anything that needs to be corrected or updated then you can use the form to add the corrections.

Use this form to update the captions on your photos: Here

You will fill out a new form for each photo that needs an update. We suggest being highly specific with your caption so that the search engines can more easily recognize your photos. 

Below is a guide to help you enter in all of the correct information. 

Step 1: Search for your photographer profile 

Go to Scop.io and search for your photographer profile by entering your name into the search bar. 


Step 2: Click any photo of yours that appears. 


Step 3: Identify the Scopio ID for the photo and enter it into the form

Your name, the caption of the photo and your Scopio ID should all appear on the right-hand side of the photo you click on


The example above shows: 

Scopio ID: 4637099163695 

Please Note* The Scopio ID will be different for each photo.

The first and most important thing you need to enter into the form we have provided is your Scopio ID. This is a number that can be found on the page of your screen that looks like the example you see on the left. 


Step 4: Write a new caption by summarizing the image in a sentence 


In the same example photo you will also see the caption of your photo written in Bold letters just above your name. If you notice that the description/caption is not accurate then please write the correct one in the form. 

Take a look at this photo below and read the description. This is a good example of how you should caption your photos. 


Write a new caption by summarizing the image in a sentence describing what is in it and the context or theme. For example: “People celebrating july 4th next to Empire State’' or “Woman doing yoga on the beach in Bali”. Make sure you describe the main subject, "Woman" and not just "Yoga on the beach in Bali".

Step 5: Update and add new keywords to the form


Scroll down a little and check the keywords (tags) that are associated with your photo. Are they correct? Could they be better? If yes, then enter the correct keywords into the form we have provided. Write at least 1 word that summarizes the concept/theme/mood of the photo. If it is 2 words, separate by comma. For example, if a woman is doing yoga, you can write "meditation" or "serenity". If people are celebrating, you can write "happiness" or "joy". If a woman has makeup on and is smiling, you can write "beauty". 


Step 6: Specify the location where the photo was taken


Please write the location as the “City, Country” where the photo was taken in the form. 

Step 7: Specify the collection that best represents your photo

Please specify a category that your photo would be the best fit. Take a look at the collections we have by visiting the Collections page.


Use this form to update the captions on your photos: Here