Scopio For Business

Using Unique Photos isn't a brand-new idea, but it seems to be the talk of forward-thinking brands everywhere. The reasoning for this? At a primal level, the images brands use truly affect how people see, react and consume.

We engage around 30% of our brain for processing visual information  — as compared to 8% and 3% for touch and hearing — and we retain a lot more by pairing that information with relevant visuals.

The secret isn't just that photos are hugely important to any brand, company, nonprofit or media outlet, though. It's that the photos we're using just doesn't stack up to modern expectations.

The internet age means that it's incredibly easy to find low-budget stock photos, but it doesn't mean that those images are convincing. To really take storytelling to the next level, a growing number of industries use user-generated photos in their campaigns — images that are more authentic and trustworthy than their stock counterparts.

But UGC can be hard to find and license, and that's where we have set it up for you. Just email us with the topics you're interested in, and we'll source out some brilliant UGC for you, and share with you our library to pick from. Because who wants a cheesy stock photo to headline a campaign they've worked tirelessly on? You will also be supporting rising creators from all over the world.

Email or use our contact form describing the subjects you're interested in, and we'll get back to you within a few hours with a link to our library or how we can source new content for you.