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Exclusive Opportunity With HarperCollins

Scopio has partnered with HarperCollins, one of the world’s leading book publishers, to publish a photo book highlighting 2020 in photographs and stories. We are looking for photographers with stories to share about this past year in photographs, from intimate moments at home to world events! We want you to share your stories, whether they were your personal experience or someone you captured.

Book Themes

Life Under COVID-19 Transformed

The book will highlight the physical and mental effects of the pandemic on the world and how it unveiled injustices and inequalities globally. We will feature photographs and human stories, from lifestyle changes like loneliness, boredom, isolation, to heightened mental health issues like anxiety, addiction, depression. We want to capture intimate moments of people’s lives during quarantine as well as social distancing and wearing masks in public space.

Global Movements & Protests

Photos and stories of global movements for social change emerging, in part, from the effects of the pandemic. We want to see images of people's resilience and communities fighting for social change around the world. We will be centering human stories of racial justice, LGBTQ+, and human rights everywhere. 


  • The book will be published and sold world wide in major bookstores and online on Amazon and other platforms. 
  • You will get paid for each photo published with non-exclusive rights to them, meaning you can resell the same photos in other places. HarperCollins will not own the copyright to them.
  • The book along with your work will be promoted by HarperCollins and Scopio with a plan to sell thousands of copies.
  • You get a Scopio account where you can sell you images and get access to exclusive perks to the Scopio community.

How to Submit

1. Submit images in the photographer portal.

2. Add your story to the "Story" field in the submission form along with "#HarperCollins". Include a descriptive story highlighting an experience, not just a narration of the event. 

  • We encourage you to submit as many photos as possible so there is a large variety to choose from. We can feature more than one photo by you.
  • All photos must be taken in 2020 by you.
  • Preferred image resolution of 300 DPI


We’re excited to see your photos go down in history in a published book!






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