Image Submissions

Submitting images on the portal is easier than ever! Just as posting regularly on your social media channels is important for growth, the same is true for submitting new images regularly. Your Scopio fans will be more willing to search your name when they know that you are providing them with fresh images. 


Submit in 1-2-3 

We encourage you to find a work flow that suits your schedule, and the contributor portal supports this. 

Look for the upload sign  on the left hand side of the portal. If you are familiar with uploading images directly on our page, then this process will seem familiar, if this is your first time submitting, then the process is quite simple, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your images; you can do this in bulk and add up to 500 or more at a time. 

  2. Fill out the number of models/people that appear in your images. If there are none then you can fill in '0'; on a similar note, if you are unable to retrieve the model release for the image (this is usually the case for images taken of people while traveling) then please indicate the number of people in the images and in the next screen mark them as 'Editorial'. 

  3. Copy the link to the model release and send them to the models, or choose to have the model releases sent by email to you where you can then forward them to the models.


  • You must own the copyright to any image we accept meaning that you must have taken or created the image. Submissions will not be considered unless the contributor submits the image.

  • We accept JPEG/PNG images

  • Photos must be 4 Megapixels or larger and set at the highest quality



  • The image must not contain any watermarks or logos; we protect your images with our own watermark, which is embedded on the image when accepted to our site.

  • Absolutely no child nudity or suggestive/pornographic images.

  • The image should not contain any content that is a violation of human rights, suggestive of oppressive activities, violence, contain firearms, and not be racially or culturally discriminative.