Scopio's Model Release

About the model release

Here's what the model release covers:

You’re at least 18 years of age and can sign with your own name (or you have a parent/legal guardian that can sign for you)

You allow the photographer to license the photo(s) of you to Scopio and its partner sites

You understand that all image rights belong to the photographer

You understand that image uses won’t be sent to you for approval

You understand that images can be modified

You understand that the photographer, Scopio and its partner sites aren't liable if use of your image(s) has an adverse effect on you

You understand that your personal information won't be public, but can be used for Scopio and its partner sites’ licensing purposes

You understand that for this project, you’re an independent contractor

You have read the model release and privacy policy and agree to them entirely


Scopio Model Release Form (Version 150504A)

For good and valuable consideration I acknowledge as received, and by signing this release I grant as follows:

1. I irrevocably grant to Photographer/Filmmaker and its licensees, successors, and assigns (“Photographer/Filmmaker”) the right to license and use the still or motion photographs or film taken of me including my voice, picture, portrait and likeness (the “Images”) in any and all media and for any use whatsoever (except illegal or pornographic), including without limitation, art, stock, advertising, trade and promotion, in perpetuity.

If I should receive any print, negative, digital file, film or other copy, I shall only use it for my own personal use and shall not authorize anyone else to use it. I agree and acknowledge that all rights to the Images are owned by “Photographer/Filmmaker” including the right to copyright the Images.

2. I agree that no advertisement, product or other material need be submitted to me for any further approval and the Photographer/Filmmaker shall be without liability to me for any distortion or illusionary effect or adverse result to me on account of the publication, distribution or broadcast of the Images. I agree that the Images may be combined with other material and may be cropped, altered or modified. I consent to the use of my name or a fictitious name, and consent to the publications of any of the ethnicities indicated below, but understand that other ethnicities may be associated with the Images by the Photographer/Filmmaker for descriptive purposes.

3. I understand that my personal information will not be made publicly available but may be used as required or necessary directly in relation to the licensing of the Images and may be retained as long as necessary to fulfill this purpose, including by being shared with the licensees / assignees of the Photographer/ Filmmaker and transferred to countries with differing data protection and privacy laws where it may be stored, accessed and used.

4. I release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the Photographer/Filmmaker and his/her licensees, sub-licensees, successors, and assigns (“Released Parties”) from any liability arising out of or in connection with the use of the Images, including any and all claims for defamation and or and invasion of privacy or publicity. I acknowledge that the Released Parties are not responsible or liable for any unauthorized use, or piracy of the Images.

5. I warrant that I am of full age and have every right to contract in my own name in the above regard; that I have read the above authorization, release and agreement, prior to its execution; and that I am fully familiar with the contents. This agreement shall be binding upon me, my heirs, successors, and assigns.

6. I am an independent contractor and am not eligible for insurance or other benefits.  I am solely responsible for my own taxes, insurance, benefits and costs and release Photographer/Filmmaker from any, and all, liability for any physical injury arising from the Shoot.