Our New App for Photographers and Visual Artists to Elevate Their Voices - Out Dec 10



Scopio is proud to announce we will be releasing a mobile Android and iOS app for our photographer and artist community to share your images and stories, discover other artists and photographers, and discover opportunities to work with exciting organizations. Join our waitlist here.


What IG can't do that Scopio has opened up for you:

- Submit your images with stories in seconds for sale, display only or NFT sales
- Discover opps & get hired on your visual skills
- Share your stories on social causes and human documentation.
-Getting work opportunities and learn from other visual artists
-Fill your profile with who you are so people can get to know you better and connect with you on what YOU care about and who YOU are.
-Auto Tagging
- View downloads in real time
-Get paid in cash and crypto


With all the latest difficulties in Instagram, this app will focus on the art, visual storytelling, community, and how to grow financially through opportunities. We have been working on this app since last year and eagerly awaiting its launch to create a more POSITIVE and UPLIFTING ecosystem for you to thrive. 

We recently launched a book, "The Year Time Stopped", about 200 photos and stories from around the world during the first year of the pandemic. It's the #1 new release on Amazon and the first global photobook about the pandemic. The next step for us has been to develop and app that would allow anyone anywhere to tell millions of impactful stories through their own eyes. We've been collecting these stories since 2017, and can read some of these captivating stories on the images currently on Scopio's site

Scopio has more than 18k artists and photographers on the desktop version of our portal, where they are uploading images, getting hired and paid. We also became the first photo and art platform to pay artists globally in cryptocurrency, because we saw how hard it was for many countries to receive payments through traditional platforms, so we wanted to offer the option for a type of currency to be available for everyone. We we will be moving all our users into the mobile app so they can have access to more features like editing profiles, job opportunities, personalizing the stories and images they can discover, and photography and art that has more of a focus on storytelling.

Deleting your images on demand and uploading images faster will be a huge relief for photographers. Your personalized app will have your account feel more customizable than ever since you can showcase the story behind every image you share. A nice touch is that you get extra help with the suggested images rather than manual searching your topics of interests.


Key Features of the App:

- Easy and fast way to submit new images and the stories behind them
- Engage with a global community of art by following other photographers and artists and having them following you
- Get inspired by an infinite feed of photos and art based on your interests and profile
- Discover opportunities that fit with your skills and interests to work with organizations
- Find recommended artists that live close to you and share the same interests.
- Easy access to your account and earnings statistics
- Stay tuned with what is trending and what is happening now
- Get real-time notifications about images sold, followers, new opportunities, and more
- New options to fully customize your profile, as your current location, your bio, a status message, your interests, and more
- Sign in using a Facebook account


Improved Features:

- Upload single photos or in bulk
- Add stories per individual image 
- Delete images
- Camera information
- Option to sell images on the marketplace as NFTs or regular, or just to share it without selling. Many artists don't like the idea of a stock site, and this is the move to show you you can sell images without it being labeled as "stock"
- More control over pricing


Features in the pipeline to future versions:

- Events and tending topics globally and the ability to contribute photos to them
- Artist/photographer Meetups
- Shortcut to contribute to a collection


App FAQs


  • How do I create an account?
  • Open Scopio App, sign up by creating an account or connecting with your Facebook account and let the experience begin.

  • How to recover access of your account
  • Go to "Sign In" > "Forgot password" > "Type your email" > Reset the password > And Login

    Image Submission

  • How do I submit images?
  • Click the “+” sign in the middle of your screen, then “Add image,”select images from your gallery and click “Add”. Also don’t forget to add as many details to your submission, such as the story behind each image, the location and others. Scopio values a detailed story. You can also choose whether you wish that your image be downloadable (available on our marketplace) or be sold as an NFT on Scopio or just for display. See more on the differences below.

  • What are collections
  • A collection is a compilation of images relating to a certain topic 

  • How to delete images
  • Go to Profile > click on the image you wish to delete > go to the three dots above on the right > Delete the photo

    Under Downloadable there are two licenses your images will fall under 

  • What is a Commercial License
  • Image usage in products, merchandise, services, marketing, ads, blogs, websites, educational content, and more. All images with recognizable people need to have model releases.

  • What is an Editorial License
  • Types of usage: newsworthy, or of public interest including sports, entertainment or cultural events, in any type of publication, whether print or digital, such as books, articles, newspaper, magazines, blogs. Images with recognizable people do not need to have model releases.

  • How long does it take for my photo to be accepted?
  • Once your submission is in, your photos go to our photo editors who pick your best work. Your image should be live in less than 2 weeks.

  • What are images you don’t accept?
  • You should avoid images that contain the following:

    • Watermarks
    • Logos
    • Brand names
    • Heavy retouching
    • Face tuning

    Your images will also not be considered if they contain harmful and/ or aggressive content such as:

    • Guns
    • Drugs
    • Suicidal messages
    • Bad for society or humanity 
  • What is a model release
  • Model Releases are a legal agreement sent to any recognizable person in the image, including yourself if it’s a self-portrait, your children, friends, family, and any other person. An image requires model releases in order to be sold under a Commercial License. Images in public spaces or of people you don’t know don’t need model releases and will be under an Editorial License.

  •  Is the app in IOS and Android?
  • Currently, we run on both and provide support for and recommend using the following devices: iPhone running iOS 11 or higher and Android running version 11 or higher.

  • Troubleshooting
  • The most common reason why you can be experiencing problems is a bad Internet connection. We always recommend updating your app to the latest version.

    If this does not resolve your problem, we recommend uninstalling and installing the app again. And finally, if it does not work too, you can contact us, sending your message to our support team.

  • What are the supported image formats?
  • For a while we supported just JPEG and JPEG image formats. If you are using an iPhone for example, it can have a different format (HEIC), that will be converted during your submission.

  • What is the difference between display, sell as NFT and downloadable 
  • When you decide to sell your images as NFT, you then make the choice to sell them as a non-fungible token under a price you indicate. When you decide to make your images downloadable, your images get purchased by companies and individuals and they will get you earnings (get paid in crypto or in cash). This feature is necessary for distributing yout photos outside of Scopio’s app. Don’t forget to turn these buttons on!


  • How do I sell my images as NFTs on the app
  • During the submission process, you can choose which images you wish to sell as NFTs before submitting them by choosing to turn on the button next to the option “Sell as NFT”. You can also set your price in SOL.

  • How can I know how to price my photo when it is being sold as an NFT? 
  • NFTs are all about rarity, so the rarer an NFT is, the bigger its value will be. It's important to understand how your art is positioned in the NFT market and how much other artists are asking for their NFTs on average, so you can have a competitive NFT. The better NFT’s have a very strong storyline and theme. Also, cryptocurrencies in general are very volatile, so it is to know the value and trending of SOL in the market, which can be checked here.

  • How can I retrieve the money I get from downloads?
  • Once you earn $25 the options to withdraw your money will be available in the Contributor Portal. The first step is to submit your Tax Information, through a form available in the Contributor Portal. Once that is done, you can receive your money through PayPal or Crypto (SOL), so you must connect your PayPal or Solana wallet to proceed.


      We will be asking photographers in our community to test the beta shortly. If you want to test it please fill out this Google Form with your information to join the waitlist, and we will send you the link when it's ready for you!

      Stay tuned on @scopioimages where we will share sneak peaks.


      With love,
      The Global Scopio Team