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Scopio Photographer Affiliate Program

Become a Scopio Star

We are so proud of our photographer community and we want to grow together- this program will help us to achieve that! As a photographer, you have an especially unique viewpoint to share when it comes to the Scopio affiliate program. You are part of a community of over 13,000 worldwide photographers! We have photographers from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Spain, Seychelles, Nigeria, Guatemala, Malaysia, and many more!

A lot of the photographers in our community have actually started YouTube channels, some reaching up to 600k subscribers, others have promoted their creativity on TikTok and gained a following of over 1.2 million! We are really impressed with the creativity amongst you all and want you to use this opportunity as an affiliate to create even more stunning content! 


Why Scopio Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, you are joining a pool of some of the most talented artists in the world and by using your genius to create promotional content you are directly creating exposure for your own brand to be recognized by some of the top creative companies in the world. 

The design behind this program is that you are the creator behind the promotional content- most affiliates just stick a link on their website and hope to get clicks. With this program, we leave it to you to come up with the content that will showcase Scopio’s mission of pushing diversity and authenticity. You are the designer behind this and anytime someone clicks on your add and purchases an account you are given the credit. That is why we want you to create phenomenal content that will inspire more businesses and creatives to join Scopio!

Our whole mission is to promote the diversity that exists among us and we need your voice and your talent so that we can achieve that together.  


How to Make Money with Scopio Affiliate Program?

You will get a commission for every sale that is made through your Site, YouTube, Instagram, etc. As a creative you understand that content sells, so that is what we want you to do - make content! No need to overthink it, we want it to reflect your brand and style. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Create unique content that refers to Scopio. It can be a post, a video, a photo, or whatever you feel will inspire viewers to check out Scopio.
  • Use the content you have submitted on Scopio to promote your personal profile page (this gives you direct marketing to your Scopio profile & potential to sell your personal content); if you need to add more photos to your photographer profile, then email us after submitting them and we will prioritize adding your photos. 
  • You place our links (Banners, Content or Text) on your website, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or any other social media site you have.
  • A customer on your website clicks on one of the links.
  • The customer purchases the product and you earn a commission on the sale!


    • $29 for Monthly subscription
    • $278 for Annual subscription
    • 20% commission for the Subscription
    • 120 Days Cookie tracking period.
    • PPC bidding allowed
    • Various Banners and Text Links available for promotions.
    • Exclusive ShareAsale Merchant
    • A Monthly Newsletter with updates on promotion, creative, and sales opportunities.
    • Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager
    • ITP COMPLIANT Program
    • Auto Deposit enabled
    • $3 commission for coupon affiliates 
    • 4% conversion rate 

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It's simple and free to join our Shareasale affiliate program. If you already have a Shareasale account, then add merchant id 91463 or Scopio at find a merchant box. If you are new to Shareasale network, then click the below links to join our affiliate and start earning a healthy commission from Today!

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If you have any questions, suggestions or need any assistance then feel free to contact us on Skype at Affiliates Scopio or by email at [email protected]