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38K Followers, LA @amandamargareth "I see great opportunity in discovering more opportunities through your platform. I want to deliver my messages from my photos to a larger audience in the media." See Amanda's page here.

846 Followers, Brussels @romaindemoor "I am 17 years old and I discovered photography one year ago. I want to promote my pictures because I want to make photography my future job" See Romain's work here.

1,300 Followers, Hong Kong @Bearlam__ "I love photography because I can show the world that there's a lot more than we thought we can be"

1,050 Followers, Maryland @Terzigram "I don't look at photography as "photos," but as "images." An image is something that can be branded in your mind. It allows you to make associations to different aspects of life that you may never have reflected upon." i promote my art to exacerbate politics, and to instill culture in a world that seems to perpetuate the grayscale." You can see John Terzi's photographer page here.

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19.3k Followers, Maine @globetrotter_kt  I grew up on a farm where cows outnumbered people, and now I travel the world. My family told me I needed to share my photos with the world with the hope they will decide to travel and have their own adventures,  through my photos or their travels, they can see the natural beauty of our world and join organizations to protect the environment.

7,300 Followers, Ukraine @ukranianbella  "I want to show people places that they don't know about"

1,734 Followers, Algeria @world_life_kami " I promote my images to gain a new perspective"

1,3200 Followers, Los Angeles/Everywhere "I have a huge library over the years of photography that have just been sitting on a hard drive. As part of my goals for this year, I decided it was time to get them out there and do something with them! Scopio's platform seemed like a good fit for me and my style of photography vs going to a larger stock photography site. Plus the process was a lot simpler and faster."

7,800 Followers, USA @nickrizzo_ "Scopio is also another avenue for people to discover my photography and make sales" See Nick Rizzo's photographer page here.

613 Followers @Lorrenzjeff "I want to share my photos to the world and also I want to learn something new and something different"

3,000 Followers, Egypt @samasamirr "I want people to see my my new photos on Scopio's website" You can see Sama's photos here.

10k Followers, India @romeersen "Have u ever thought that today everyone simply lives a life like a robot and they only postpone things for tomorrow. We just dream of actors and rich guys and hope we would travel like them one day when we have money. Instead I wanna promote saying, you don’t need millions to travel. With little also u can see the world, I am no actor but I have pictures which are no less than any movie poster." See Romeer Sen's work here.

434 Followers @explorerbunny "I want to show people that it is safe to travel the world alone as a hijab girl. Everytime I go to places alone people are shocked, some hijab girls also think the world is a scary place to be explored alone."

20k followers @victordevalles "All the great things in the world begin as small ... A journey of a thousand kilometers begins when you take the first step."

3k followers @mckenna_whiting "Yes of course! And there isn’t a specific special story behind it other than trying to find beauty in the simple things around us! This was just a brick wall behind my house that I never noticed before and once I did it created a beautiful shot." 

677 followers, Singapore @whyhage "I want to promote my photos because of your website promotes authentic and real images of real people. That is the beauty of photography and i strongly support that. Hopefully you guys can make this a norm instead of that typical "stock" look so yeah" :) 

963 followers, Philippines @bigdomcar03 "Capturing an image is preserving the moment that you cannot come back. I take images of water because of the contrast between the white water and the green color of the sea water while surfers struggled to surf for good waves."

571 followers, Spain @thenatashafiles "I remember when I was doing a specific shoot, I really wanted to capture a photo like that. The model was more of a beginner, so I spent a good few minutes basically just jumping around trying to show her how to jump the way I wanted hahaha. It seems easy but it took a good 20 shots to get this one. 🙈I shot this just in a random area of Poblenou in Barcelona. I chose the wall because 1. It was concrete, and therefore had a more industrial/modern feel to what I was going for. 2. It was really tall so it would be easy to shoot from  a low perspective. 3. There was a really nice, bright light above the wall which would give us the shadows on the floor. And some cool highlights on her body." You can see Natasha's work here.

2,000 Followers, South Africa @Iamvan.go My name is Jessica Lee Van Goeverden and Van.Go is the name I go by in honour of the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. I see my work as pieces of art. I capture my subjects in their most beautiful form; In my opinion of course. I don't see myself as a photographer but more of a "Creator." I create images that are intended to make people "feel."  You can see Jessica's work here

1,459 followers, USA @confuciusyii "Each person I get to work with, I get to learn about who they are and what brings them joy. Getting to experience and celebrate their sense of self bring me joy. In a way it's an exchange of love! That's why I love taking photos of people!" View Ha's work here.

3,126 followers, Kenya @jeremy_o.o "I love taking pictures because taking photos helps me relax." You can see Jeremy's work here.

12.7k followers, Saudi Arabia @gr8mood "Photography is the way To express yourself I always capture city and architecture photography and focus on great composition. I like architecture because it's epic and shows the beauty of human design" You can see Hanaa's photographer page here.

5,402 followers, USA @the.vantage.point "Taking photographs is my way documenting unique moments in time. Each moment, big or small, is unique. They will never happen again." You can see Lerone's photographer page here.

4428 followers, USA @heathyn_ "Hi! I like to photograph people because they are the most effective canvas for depicting emotion" You can see Taylor's work here.

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