Scopio Partnerships

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Scopio partners with Disney, Facebook, Shopify, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Encyclopedia Brittanica, NASA, and 25K small businesses who choose supporting diverse artists through Scopio.


Elevate your projects with team subscriptions with full license protection, and multiple user seats. Scopio also offers a research fee when needed to help speed along projects. You have the ability to search, download and save images from 150 countries. You also can browse artists and if you want to hire one for a specific project you can inquire on an artist page or contact us directly. More info on subscriptions here and contact to set up annual accounts/team.

Custom Projects

The biggest brands in the world are using Scopio to create content and collaborate with diverse talent, and hire artists that are undiscovered in photography, art, music, video, and illustration. You give us your requirements, and we will match by age, gender, ethnicity, location etc. to match your story exactly and amplify your message. We can fully manage the project. Price per request. 

Per Image Uses

Want access to Scopio, but have to bill per image? Sign an agreement with Scopio to access the library, and bill per image. $199/image

"I am constantly looking for photos with Mexican people for my projects, since I want the people I am aiming my messages for to feel represented in the pictures I use to illustrate."  -Sofia

“On the hunt for authentic stock photos from the region and beyond for my presentations) and I typed in Iraq and broke down in tears. For the first time, I was greeted with authentic photos of life here and not destruction and war. I am so grateful for this platform!”- Khadija

About the Company

"Scopio sets itself apart by allowing to search Ethnicity, and Location. It is a female founded company with an impressive pedigree" - NY Post 

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