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Read about our award winning book The Year Time Stopped: The Global Pandemic in Photos here. Featured at The Grammy's

Entrepreneur Magazine 

Miami News Network "Christina Hawatmeh Is Making Photography More Diverse And Accessible, While Helping Photographers Across The World, with Scopio"

Disrupt Magazine “Scopio leverages AI to give artists and photographers a way to instantly monetize their art and get access to the best global community."

Mashable "You'll be supporting a talented group of rising artists that you wouldn't have found yourself. It's an exciting and special business model that definitely deserves to be on any business owner or marketing professional's radar."

Boing Boing "Scopio is more than just a place to download photos, but rather a visionary experience"

CNN Underscored "supporting the creators who made all of these images possible...photographers from over 160 countries"

The Hill "Visual appeal is a crucial aspect of maximizing any message, ranging from presentations in the classroom or workplace to usage on an online homepage. Due to copyright issues, it can be more complicated than you might imagine to make that desired impact."

Entrepreneur Magazine "Scopio has removed the restrictions imposed by other photography sites."

Cult of Mac "What sets Scopio apart from competitors (in addition to this one-time low price) is the quality of its images."

Nerdist "Scopio lets you provide an accurate representation of the people accessing your webspace, and there are two big results from that. For one, your audience will see themselves and connect faster with whatever you’re doing."  

Sony Alpha Rumors "Turn your passion for cameras into a career with Scopio"

New York Finance:

Scopio Is An AI-Based Image Marketplace Making Photography More Diverse And Accessible: Learn More About The Person Behind It, Christina Hawatmeh – The New York Finance

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Forbes 30under30 Article

Forbes: "This Platform Allows Travel Content Makers To Earn Extra Money During COVID-19."


NY Finance

USA Reporter

As Featured in Yahoo 

Yahoo Finance 

Yahoo Lifestyle

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo India  

Yahoo Style - Christina Hawatmeh - Changing One Image at at Time

Vents Magazine

Vents Magazine

Founder Interviews:

Hire Smart

Big Time Daily

International Business Times

California Herald "Creating Freelance Jobs with Protest Art"

One World Herald "Documenting Social Movements"


Scopio Product Launch  

Seekers Time


Help with Black Equity


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CNN " With Scopio’s photo library, you can find images which give people a visual, professional feeling experience to complement your content."

Just Jared “Changing stereotypes through imagery”

50 Cent “Scopio recognizes its role in spreading awareness”

Entrepreneur "Scopio gives you elite design assets"

Yahoo Finance “Documenting movements”

Forbes: "This Platform Allows Travel Content Makers To Earn Extra Money During COVID-19."

Scopio Artist Features:

PetaPixel "Photographer combines protest and social media to spur social action"

PetaPixel "How a photojournalist capture a shot in the literal heat of the moment"

PetaPixel "Racist's Zoombomb discussion celebrating Black photographers"

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