Subscriber FAQ

Who We Are and What We Do

Download diverse images and hire global artists

What is Scopio?

Scopio offers you diverse and global images and people from 190 countries to use images from and hire. Using Scopio is simple. Use our search terms to find images or hire artists. Sign up for a subscription to use images or hire artists through the site or by contacting us.

Scopio is a community-based platform and marketplace where anyone can share images and stories from around the world. With the goal of elevating human stories told by people from underrepresented communities and regions, the vision of Scopio is to distribute the world’s images so they can make their place in history. Scopio has over 25k businesses who use millions of images and hire more than 14k artists from 190 countries in photography, art, illustration and more. 

How do I hire an artist?

Hiring is easy. You send us a brief of your project needs and hop on a call with our producers to lock in the details on your timeline, and budget.

You can contact our lead producer with any immediate questions or to schedule a call.

Otherwise, reach out on each artist page or contact us to facilitate hiring on a variety of skills worldwide. We will quote you a price, share a deck of ideas, and manage the project for you. You can also hire artists as a non subscriber. Just contact us


How is Scopio different from traditional stock licensing?

Creators who contribute to traditional stock licensors strive to provide content that will sell repeatedly. While often generic, traditional stock offers a wide range of ready-to-go images and videos.

On social media,  creators who post image and video content are often amateurs or underdogs whose primary motivation is to share real-life moments with friends, whether they’re related to travel, family, news or events. The content is real, authentic and topical. Scopio welcomes artists by democratizing this industry for them and fusing these sides together. By using Scopio you are contributing to a double bottom line by supporting under represented artists. 

Scopio’s mission is to overcome social media licensing challenges. We open the door to a world of content that’s often more compelling than traditional stock photos or the same artists.

Why is Scopio better than just searching directly on social media sites?

Since you started reading this section, content creators uploaded more images and videos to social media than you’ll find in most stock libraries.

Instagram only supports hashtag and username search, in which you’re forced to input one search term at a time. Scopio goes further. When you create searches on your dashboard, you’ll see results from our cached library. These images and videos were curated from past searches launched by you and other Scopio users, and they already have our proprietary image-filtering technology applied. As you browse these initial thumbnails, Scopio takes a moment to interpret your search queries again, applying machine learning to dig into the vastness of social media and deliver even fresher, more relevant results.

That’s why each time you refresh and hit “Apply Search,” you’ll see new content roll in.

What about rights to the social media content?

Scopio is a facilitator. We provide a service that makes it easier than ever to use the most creative images and access the most talented artists in the world. We warrant these services via our Terms and Conditions and Service and Licensing Agreement, and contributors grant permission and warrant their rights to the content via the Contributor Agreement.   

 Our exclusive a.i. filtering system allows us to work fast to lock down the right artist for your project. We can filter what you need down to the very city, skill and software knowledge.

Every artist is registered with Scopio, we take care of all payments and contracts on our platform, so all you need to provide is your brief, and we will carry out the art.

What about third party IP?

Content creators warrant the rights to their content by agreeing to the Contributor Agreement. Many are amateurs who while happy to share content they created, might not be well versed in intellectual property law. After all, third-party IP can be a challenge even for the savviest media executive.

If a creator poses for a photo in front of a billboard for the latest Star Wars movie, or in their bedroom where a Star Wars poster is clearly visible on the wall, we doubt they secured rights for advertising usage from Disney, George Lucas, Harrison Ford and Princess Leia’s estate. If the usage is editorial in nature, you’re probably fine, but this is social media. Common sense should prevail.

Scopio works closely with our subscribers and their legal advisors in sorting out and securing any rights and clearances or customized licenses for particular uses.

Can I do anything I want with the image or video artistically?

Subscribers are granted rights to manipulate the content within certain parameters described in more detail in the Service and Licensing Agreement.

Creators tend to look to see where their images and videos end up and share the link with friends. Naturally, we want them to feel good about sharing their photos or videos with our subscribers.

What are custom services for my subscription?

You can hire for the creation of art and photography including and not limited to:

NFT collection and generative art including meta for the smart contracts 

Illustrations 2D/3D

Animation, FX and Environment, CGI

3D character modeling/rigging 

Our capabilities include:

music visuals, book visuals, film posters, key art, film & cinematography, directing - filming and editing, physical art installations and traditional art, murals, NFT collections, photoshoots, 3D model and character rigging (gaming), concept art, brand art, and marketing art.

We access our creator pool of 14k artists worldwide who have all different skill sets and software knowledge.

Not everyone has time for dedicated self-service on the dashboard — and that’s okay. That’s why we offer Custom Services for folks juggling busy schedules that still need access to authentic images and videos.

Scopio can help handle all of the discovery and licensing of social media content for you, whether that’s per project or per day. We use the Scopio dashboard and our social media expertise to scope out images and videos you’re interested in publishing.

Many subscribers are also interested in developing relationships with content creators who are influencers, to enhance editorial content or even develop sponsor relationships. Scopio can help.

Scopio can do the following to help busy folks:

  • Create saved searches for you to review
  • Send out personalized requests to content creators to secure the rights to images and videos
  • Coordinate additional rights needed for your project
  • Help you create image galleries
  • Secure high-quality versions of images you’re interested in at high volumes.
  • Create lists of and reach out to influencers creating the content you need

And much more, depending on your project! Contact us to discuss details and pricing.

    Your Personal Dashboard on the Scopio Platform

    How does the Scopio Dashboard help me discover, license and manage social media content?

    The Scopio dashboard is designed to maximize access to incredible images and people.

    Why use Scopio if i can embed content directly from social media?  

    Although anyone can embed an Instagram post, the image or video must include a frame, Instagram logo and username. You don’t need to ask permission from a content creator to embed their post on your site, since that permission was granted by the creator when they agreed to Instagram's terms and conditions. In certain cases, this might be all you need.

    However, embedding doesn’t allow you the same degree of creative freedom, as it restricts your ability to edit the post get creative.

    We’ve outlined the differences between embedding and licensing below:

    With embedding, no legal permission is required. You can click through any post and embed it immediately. Choose the “embed” option on the Twitter or Instagram post and copy the HTML code onto your website. The photographer’s @username is automatically featured along with a frame from Instagram, and the photo or video can’t be edited. If the photo is removed from the creator’s social media account, the embedded post will no longer show up on your website.

    Licensing social media images and videos with the Scopio platform allows subscribers to edit the image or video and publish it on more than just a website. Subscribers have the freedom to manipulate the content to meet unique creative and editorial needs. Subscribers are also not required to credit the photographer when using the image in most use cases.

    Browse our Service and Licensing Agreement for more details.

    Subscription Plans and Payments

    What’s included in a monthly Subscription Plan?

    Subscribers have access to a personal dashboard linked to their Instagram account and can make unlimited requests for social media images and videos each month. Check out our plans page to see all the features and discover the subscription plan that’s right for you.

    A Standard Plan, which is our most popular subscription option, includes one seat and one personal dashboard.

    How much does a Scopio subscription cost per month?

    It depends on the plan you'd like. For enterprise clients and those who need additional dashboards and seats, the Plus plan can be negotiated. The price of our Custom Services also depends on your organization’s needs. Visit our dedicated plans page for more information or Contact Us to talk pricing and features.

    We’re flexible, we’d love to have you on board and we can work within your budget and develop a plan to meet your needs.

    Is there a setup fee?

    Nope! All of that is covered by your subscription fee.

    What if we’re an NGO, educational institute or small start-up and have a smaller content budget?

    We’re flexible and committed to making social media content accessible for clients large and small. Contact us and we’ll work with you to devise a plan that meets your budget and needs.

    What about the free trial?

    The free trial lasts for 10 days. At the end of the trial, we’ll begin to charge you the amount of your subscription plan on a monthly basis unless you cancel beforehand.

    To sign up, check out our free trial on our dedicated plans page.

    Why a subscription plan instead of item-by-item image and video sales?

    Our subscription plans offer the ability to use images anytime and search and save your images.

    If you need individual images or custom projects please contact us.

    What are the commitments and contracts in the subscription plans?

    Subscribers can cancel at any time and are only committed to that month’s fees. Our terms can be reviewed in our Service and Licensing Agreement and our Terms and Conditions.

    If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you’ll have access to your Scopio dashboard and all approved content until it’s over. You can come back anytime and re-subscribe and many do.

    What are my payment options?

    Online payment methods include major credit cards and Paypal for our Standard plan. For anything custom or larger scale we can work with you. Contact your dedicated Scopio representative to discuss what works best for you.