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Thanks to you all, we hit 10k followers on Instagram and couldn’t be more grateful. 

To celebrate we want to re-cap on some of the milestones that it took to get here- because in truth, it hasn’t been easy, but it has 100 percent been worth it. because in truth, it hasn’t been easy, but it has 100 percent been worth it because we are able to talk about topics that are important today and bring value. We only live once, so we decided to focus on what we thought could bring value to years to come, and teach people tips, and spark ideas. 

Top 10 major milestones that got us to 10 thousand followers on Instagram.

1 - We Launched!

Scop.io officially launched with a few thousand images - providing businesses and creatives the chance to finally use images that are both authentic and representative of diverse communities! We started to post some of the images, and tag our new community that were coming to scop.io/submit. We grew this to 13,000 photographers and over 250k images. 

2 - We Partnered with Canva. This image made it to Forbes.

We made great connections, and partnered with Canva to go to Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, and perform a project worth a 1000 pictures. See the images

3 - We made Forbes 30 under 30!

Co- Founder and Chief of Product, Nour Chamoun made Forbes 30 under 30! See the mention. It was out of the BLUE. It gave us an important moment to talk about our mission and really focus on how we want to change the world, and talk about that instead of evergreen content.

4 - We Rebranded to the most magical logo

We saw the world going super south, and wanted to lighten things up and give hope, so we partnered with Dubai Based Design Agency, Abjad Designs to create a magical logo to excite and energize. We integrated this in our storytelling to give some interesting new design ideas.

Watch us talking about it here.

5 - Recognized by Forbes, CNN, Yahoo Finance. Here is Yahoo Finance.

"Stock image companies have played a significant role in the dissemination of photos, however; Scopio is taking it one step further. Through their technologies, the company has found a novel way to democratize contributions to the global stock image repository while addressing the biases learned over time by AI algorithms." Read the entire article

6 - Partnered with Shutterfly during the peak of the COVID pandemic

Scopio partnered with Shutterfly in printing uplifting images to nursing homes in New York, helping to bring more than $750,000 in donations to help communities amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. You can read that here.

7 - We launched a Youtube Channel to give artists VALUE to build their ideas and business.

We created over 30 new collections dedicated to showing the work of all contributors from their countries. We interviewed our most interesting photographers in places otherwise overlooked like female artists in Tunisia and Ecuador. Listening to these off the beaten path gives enormous value for our up and coming artists because they have overcome and created their ideas and businesses. Check out our youtube channel here.

8 - Raised Funds for Lebanon and Volunteered

Our Co-Founder, Nour Chamoun, went back to Lebanon, but this time to help with the efforts after the tragic explosion. After raising over $15k In cash to donate to charities and grass roots organizations dedicated to re-building Beirut. This gave us a chance to talk about important issues on social media to build more valuable stories. Context is valuable for growth. In the midst of the pandemic we realized that we wanted to lean into value and that is why we grew. 

9 - New Podcast Launched: The Authentic Photographer on Spotify

We launched our photographer live series on Instagram with about 20 photographers who jumped on, which we were able to use to edit, and our official podcast  ‘The Authentic Photographer’ that provides unique tips and stories from photographers in over 160 countries, now available on Spotify! Listen to it! 

10 - We Launched the Official Contributor Portal - to Pay thousands of photographers for their images from over 150 countries.

We officially launched the contributor portal!! When we put our ear to the ground, and became a microphone to these amazing artists producing videos of VALUE, we hit 10k followers on Instagram. 

Check out what will take these artists to the next level! 

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