6 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Photos on Scopio

It’s more than just a place to sell your photos—Scopio provides you with the reach and a creative community to help you get your photos seen and used by the world.

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It’s hard to be a photo creator, or "photographer." Hard to be outside in the smoldering heat, or crouched up in a weird position to get that perfect shot with a totally un photogenic subject, hard to manage your own site, hard to get more people see those photos besides your mom and your Instagram followers that barely grow these days. That’s why Scopio made it easy.

Scopio stands for Scope it out. We believe that no matter where you are in the world, or what you like taking images of —whether you’re a full time photographer, hobbyist, just got gifted your first camera, social media manager that hustles on the side, or mom-tographer—you shouldn’t have to know everything about curating and selling your photos. That’s why Scopio provides you with the easiest and most simple way to get your photos out there, showcase your work that grows at your pace, and make some extra money without the golden gates of knowing someone, somewhere that is going to give you a chance. We are giving you a chance purely by the technical and nature of the image. Sharing your photos on Scopio is the easiest way to make you official, without wasting energy building your own website, curating your instagram, reaching out to your own customers, and be a part of a fabulous group of people like you all over the world. 

You can easily add photos

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Whether you’re a mom-tographer or a social media manager who takes some great images on the side-hustle of your family, friends and whoever is willing, Scopio was built to allow you to share your unique work and take your local work to a global scale.

Using the easy submit page, you can upload as many images as you want, and an unlimited amount of times. We take almost any type of image. Photos can be uploaded by clicking the submit plus sign icon at the bottom of the submit page, and selecting the images you would like to share with the world. Adding your photos lets you be as creative as possible and keep your page popping—and on Scopio, there’s no complicated uploading process required to do just that.


Not a professional photographer? Not a problem

When it comes to publishing images, Scopio was built for all kinds of photographers in all sorts of places around the world—not just people who are already selling their photos or doing custom shoots. If you’re in Kansas taking photos in the fields of heaven, or in Tokyo with the most beautiful angle you want the world to see, are you are trying to go pro and promote your work, unique images can help all photo creators boost the chances of getting discovered by the right graphic designer, web developer, brand guru or media company. Adding your images with unique elements helps us find out who you are and what inspires you, but we give you the freedom to change that and only judge images based on the quality and human elements you have in your photos. Get other photo creators to get inspired by you and build community, having a page with Scopio is a way to connect with buyers of photos who believe in supporting talented and rising creators, and show the world your angle.


You’re free to explore your creativity

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Once you publish images on Scopio, you’re never limited to what you submitted the first time. 

For instance, you are selling portraits you did for a client who allowed you to sell their photos— we won't ask you to produce the same type of photos. You don't need to isolate yourself creatively. You can submit whatever images you want.

This works the other direction, too; if you’re feeling like you want a boost, we have clients who do custom shoots, and you can accept any challenges we send out. We have done custom shoots for movies, in the Arab World to show more representative images, and even book covers that graze their way in front of millions of people.


Your photos won’t get lost in the submissions

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It’s pretty easy for you to think you submit into an abyss, but your hard work won't get lost in our submissions. We have a very tight process our editors go through all the images and make sure they are yours, don't have any issues like logos we can't sell your images with, or watermarks that we ask you to remove before submitting. We judge technical and aesthetic quality, but we are 100% diverse, because our team is, and the more diversity the more chance you have of getting accepted. We want to see real people, so be free and explore your creativity. Scopio’s photo creator communities allow your photos to live surrounded by other talented photos from photo creators who are sharing their messages that are relevant to your lived experience, and are promoted and sold to art directors, graphic designers, social media managers, brand directors and entertainment heads interested in the same message as you.

From regional groups, to styles of work, Scopio loves connecting our community to collaborate and meet each other.

See what recent photo creators are saying about us.

Your friends and people can show their support

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Sharing your images with the world can be scary at first—opening up and putting your hard work out there for professionals to see is intimidating. But doesn’t it feel great once you see your own photographer page out there for you to share, and for others to find and get inspired by? One of the amazing things about Scopio's community is how real creators are with one another. You put their heart and soul into the images you create, and buyers and other photo creators are able to click through and buy your images and browse your pages until they have their perfect project. Scopio promotes you and highlights who you are and where you are from to show the uniqueness and global audience we have.

You don’t need to know how to tag your images

Scopio was built to help you sell your beautiful, unique images without having to know how to keyword and title your images—it’s so hard! Once your images are accepted we do the hard work of making those images searchable. We feel this helps you focus on creating images, not figuring out what to call the beautiful curly haired model wearing electric blue on a mountain in India somewhere. In this way we are built for anyone.  You can focus on doing what you do best: creating unique photos. In addition to how easy it is to submit photos, Scopio tagging for you is like the cherry on top, so your image looks professional, and polished, and your page curated AF.  We do the tough decisions of what images we think are highest quality to promote.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are - Scopio offers a chance for you to get in front of the world's creatives waiting for real photos to power their storytelling, we're waiting for your images.

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