Advice from a family and portrait photographer

family and portrait photography

Rebecca Rinaldi, a photographer from Italy founded her own photography business a few years ago when she was in the middle of a sort of 'work identity crisis'. 

She had reached a point in her life when if she was asked by people what it is that she did, she found it hard to respond. So, after defining her passions, she realized that she wanted to delve deeper into photography. She wanted to be able to bring her love of the outdoors and combine that with portrait photography.

She spoke with us about how she found her style and gave important advice as to how other photographers can find their brand and style as a portrait photographer.

Discover Your Style In Photography



"...defining your your style and i call it more branded and style because it's not only photographer photography style it's the whole world around my profession in this case so i would be happy to say that people understand that my style is really natural authentic emotional it's important to get in touch with other people that like think a little bit in the same way that you do or that they do the same job and i had a chance to meet with other photographers thank you social media thank you internet because we got in touch and together we did this amazing project that is love experience that is like the same thing that i do but only for couples."


Article Written by Dana Balsley

Marketing and Community Manager at Scopio

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