Being Personal & Standing For Your Values

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Syrine Aouididi, a 25 year old photographer, born and raised in Tunisia is doing it all!

She studied in a school of design in Milano, Italy, and did product designing.

She speaks about her scholarship in Politecnico Di Milano presented by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), which she believes was a true opportunity because, in Tunisia, the cost of going to a university abroad without a scholarship is so expensive that most parents would have to sell a house or land to provide education money. She now has her own masters in design for the fashion system in Politecnico.

Now, Syrine works as an art director, set designer, stylist, and graphic designer, and she’s also finishing her thesis hoping to graduate by April, in the meanwhile, she’s in Tunisia working with her dear friend, and talented photographer Yesmine Abed.


Be Personal. Be Yourself.


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To Syrine, being personal is very important. “When you be yourself, no one is influencing you...”

“So be yourself, create your own style, and forget about if the society will judge you.”

“If you wana wear something, just wear it; choose your own patterns, choose your own colors, don’t make anybody influence you…and in this case, your clothes will last more, and your products will last more.”

The most important thing to Syrine is to raise awareness, and let people see from their own perspective. Everybody should create their own reality, their own beauty standards, and their own personal style.

They can do that by being confident, and not think about how the society will judge them.

She gives an example of her walking down the street wearing colorful clothes that don’t match. She will be judged, but this is HER own personal style, and this is what she loves.






In the process of creation, Syrine highlights the point of inclusiveness. As a photographer, fashion designer, product designer, or anything related, you shouldn’t forget about the inclusiveness, and you also shouldn’t forget to see beyond your biases, and you should try to include everyone and the reality we are living in.

So if you wana work on a product publicity, don’t only represent the white space, but show it in its real life; show it in a way the audience can relate to it. Even if its messy, or broken, it doesn’t matter; it’s important to show the reality of things.


Stand For Your Values.


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Syrine wants to advise people to stand for their values, “because if you don’t stand for your values, you’re nothing.”

In her own values, Syrine respects cultures. So in her product photoshoots for example, she sees and studies the signs that these elements are representing; if they are appropriate or not, religious or not…

Beware of cultural appropriation! Syrine says that you shouldn’t try to represent those cultures as costumes or as decorations. You might be hurting some people or populations, such as minorities, that don’t even have the voice to speak up.


For more of Syrine’s lifestyle, cultural respect, and creative mindset, listen to the podcast















Written by Angela Zoghbi

Content Creator

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