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Being Personal & Standing For Your Values

  Syrine Aouididi, a 25 year old photographer, born and raised in Tunisia is doing it all! She studied in a school of design in Milano, Italy, and did product designing. She speaks about her scholarship in Politecnico Di Milano presented by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), which she believes was a true opportunity because, in Tunisia, the cost of going to a university abroad without a scholarship is so expensive that most parents would have to sell a house or land to provide education money. She now has her own masters in design for the fashion system in Politecnico. Now, Syrine works as an art director, set designer, stylist, and graphic designer, and she’s also...

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How photography empowers the subject and helps to improve self-esteem

The best way to get to know who you are or what type of impression you make is by meeting yourself. But that is not really possible. What if I tell you, there’s a way that almost gets you there? A way to meet yourself! That is through photography, or any type of visual art, for that matter. How many times have you looked at yourself in a picture, and realized things about your unique self that you have not seen before. When you become aware of yourself, you slowly grow self-esteem and confidence. That is beautiful!  Improving Self Esteem and Confidence through Photography  “Photography actually helps to improve your self-love and self-esteem.”, says Luisa Carvaja. Photography is a unique opportunity to...

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