How photography empowers the subject and helps to improve self-esteem

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The best way to get to know who you are or what type of impression you make is by meeting yourself. But that is not really possible.

What if I tell you, there’s a way that almost gets you there? A way to meet yourself! That is through photography, or any type of visual art, for that matter.

How many times have you looked at yourself in a picture, and realized things about your unique self that you have not seen before. When you become aware of yourself, you slowly grow self-esteem and confidence. That is beautiful! 

Improving Self Esteem and Confidence through Photography 

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“Photography actually helps to improve your self-love and self-esteem.”, says Luisa Carvaja.

Photography is a unique opportunity to explore who you are in front of a lens, which is wholly uncomfortable and will undoubtedly make you squirm if you are not used to it. This is where the practice of self love is absolutely requisite. In order to succeed as a model in front of the camera, you will need to let down your guard, and choose to accept who you are. 

The moment you do this you will inevitably feel endorphins and empowered by your courageous act. Even better is seeing the photos that the photographer captured. 

2 things make magic in front of the camera happen

1. You must trust yourself

2. You must trust the photographer 

How has photography helped change the way others see the world? 

From another perspective, throughout the years, photography has helped people change their world views, whether though racism, politics, discrimination, or taboos…

It’s also important to note that being comfortable with your photographer helps a lot in expressing yourself freely, and improve self-esteem.

“The way I took photographs, helped people overcome certain issues they had.” – Luisa Carvaja

If we look at some of Luisa's photos it is clear that her models are at complete ease and are in a state of complete vulnerability. You can see their true selves, without any insecurity, and without the fear of judgement.

She takes pictures of a diverse range of people all coming from varying conditions and circumstances, and just by looking at any of her photos it is easy to empathize with the characters.

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