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Question and Answer: Introduction to the Contributor Portal

With any new product in tech, there are going to be questions- so we have created a question and answer (Q&A) to ensure accessing your Contributor Portal is a breeze! 

Q: How to login to the portal?

A: Since you submitted images to us, it means you're already registered in our system. All you would have to do is visit the "Reset Your Password" page and follow the instructions to set a new password for your account, then login to your new account.

Q: Can I see for how much my photo sold?

A: Images sell at different prices; it depends if they buyer made an individual image purchase, or if they downloaded the image as a subscriber. You can see our FAQ on the exact percentage earned.

Q: How long does a photo take to get approved?

A: The sooner you can provide us with the model release, the quicker we can move your images from review to featured. A typical timeline for this can range from 2-3 weeks. If you are unsure about which of your images need a model release then go to your portal and check out your images "In Review" on your dashboard, this will tell you what is needed for these images to move forward.

Q: Is the model release necessary?

A: Yes. If you want your images to have more opportunity for use as part of our commercial products then you should provide the release as quickly as possible. There are instances where we know that it is not possible to provide the model release; if that is the case then your images will be used for our Editorial Collection.

Q: What are Scopio's goal?

A: To humanize images & to let your authentic story as a creative be heard.

Q: Do you have exclusive photos for higher prices?

A: We sometimes have offers or special images that will sell at higher prices, but most fall under the category of Commercial or Editorial.

Q: Should I submit outdoor and wildlife photographs?

A: Absolutely! Submit what comes most natural to you. We do offer suggestions on images we are looking for, and this is to allow you the chance to bring more of what businesses want to see (aka: increasing your chances of being downloaded)

Q: How can I know my earnings?

A: Best Question. Log into your Contributor Portal! You'll see all of your earnings right on your dashboard.

Q: How can I make money from my pictures?

A: Make sure they align with our guidelines: aka, no logos, 4 megapixels or larger, quality image, see more tips for getting featured! Or just go to the Help Center in your portal

Q: How can Scopio help with building up my portfolio?

A: Unlike other platforms - the contributor is our central focus, giving you a platform to grow and let your voice be heard is tied into every aspect of what we focus on. If you want to make the most of it - get in touch with us, tell us you are looking to grow and would like to know about opportunities. 

Q: What discounts can Scopio offer me?

A: Apart from getting paid - this is the next best question. The Perks section in your Contributor Portal is filling up with new discounts, and opportunities all the time. We currently have offers from companies like, Canva, Adobe, 99-Designs, and even exclusive opportunities.

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