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Get Insta-Worthy Shots: 11 Tips for Taking Stunning Landscape Photos in 2023

Are you an aspiring photographer looking to capture stunning landscape photos that are Instagram-worthy? Landscape photography is an art that requires both creativity and technical skills, but with the right tips and techniques, anyone can take beautiful landscape photos. In this article, we'll share 10 tips for taking stunning landscape photos in 2023. Use a Wide Angle Lens: A wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of the landscape in a single frame, making your photos more immersive and expansive. Find the Right Light: Lighting is one of the most important factors in photography, and in landscape photography, the right light can make or break your photos. Aim to shoot during the golden hour - the hour after sunrise or...

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How To's & Tips From A Landscape Photographer

  “Landscapes, travel, and people are my favorite styles of photography. In a constant search to improve my skills to bring my audience quality work that reflects my passion for the beauty of our world.” Roberto Destarac was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He went to college in New Mexico, U.S. and obtained a BSC in Geological Engineering from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. After school, he worked in the mineral exploration industry for many years and visited numerous remote locations throughout Latin America. It was during those journeys that he discovered his passion for beautiful landscapes and cultures.     Roberto spent many years as a self-taught photographer with decent results until 2012, when...

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