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Val's Focus on Photography and Educating Teenagers

  Val Vesa is a very passionate photographer from Romania, but he wouldn’t necessarily call himself a photographer. Taking photos and telling stories with photography is his favorite pass time. Back in the day, in communist times, taking photos was much prohibited, because you had to be approved by the party to become a photographer. If you were attending an event, you’re there to enjoy and watch, without taking photos, unless you have a special license or approval. But right after communism fell in 1990, there were many German, Italian, and English people coming into the country trying to help and bring food and supplies, and one of these groups had a photographer with them, and he gave Val a Japanese...

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An Event to Build Photography and Community

They connected their love fo photography and community, through a festival that was created by those young and aspiring photographers, who didn’t spend a cent.  Mohammed joins us to talk about an experience he and his photographer friends went through. They had organized a festival in his home town in Libya to share the roots of his culture and to teach people in his community about the beauty of photography.   Brainstorm your idea and then bring it to life The idea surfaced as they realized the cultural problem present in the Libyan community. People were shy of portraying their cultural clothing, as well as not familiar with the art of photography. So they came up with the idea of...

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