NFT Launches to Commemorate Launch of The First Ever Image Book on 2020 and First Photography Focused NFT Marketplace

NFT GIVEAWAY! For the launch of our historic book on 2020

Scopio is giving away 1,000 NFT's to commemorate the launch of The Year Time Stopped based on 200 historic images to memorialize 2020 and THE LAUNCH of Scopio's NFT marketplace. The first NFT marketplace focused on Photography.


Step 1. Follow us on twitter here.

  • Step 2. Connect Your Wallet to get your Giveaway here.

    *If you are using a mobile, you have to copie this link:

    And open your Phantom app, and paste the link in the phantom browser, like show in the next image:


    Scopioimages The Year Time Stopped Collection - Own a Moment from 2020

    10 Audio Based NFT's to own a moment of history from 2020 on Open Sea. 

    2ETH each. View them and Purchase them on Opensea here.

    Own a moment from 2020 and donate to an important cause related to that photo

    These clips are from the audio and visual experience of The Year Time Stopped, the First Global Photo Book on 2020 with 200 untold stories. 

    Each NFT will come with a signed author copy of the book book and a donation to a specific charity linked to that photo

    200 NFTS (price set by artist) of the images in our historic book on The Year Time Stopped Collection here.

    More news:

    Scopio's First Annual Documentary Photography Award

    We gave our first award to a photographer changing visual perceptions in our Twitter Festival.

    F. Dilek Uyar spent a month in a hospital documenting COVID and her municipality in Ankara allowed her to document closed public spaces which put her life at risk. She is the cover artist of our book The Year Time Stopped. 

    Watch the announcement here, and see the epic NFT here.


    Have questions?

    Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. Did we miss something? DM us on Twitter to ask anything else.

    - What is Scopio? Scopio is the first female founded NFT site and first photography focused one. We are the first photo marketplace that pays in crypto to artists.

    - Do I need an account to Scopio enter the giveaway? No, you just need to connect your wallet.

    - What do I get?  An NFT to commemorate the launch of The Year Time Stopped based on 200 historic images to memorialize 2020.

    - When will the NFT's be released? The week of June 21 2022.


    *You will need to connect your SOL wallet on Scopio. We only connect Phantom. How to set up a phantom wallet in less than 5 minutes. 

    Learn more about our events here.