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Elenca, The Food Photographer

Elena Gordeitchik, 33 years old food and interior photographer based in Minsk, Belarus. She has more than 10 years of experience in photography. She started taking photographs while studying at the Belarusian State Economic University and after that photography became her profession. She loves photographing for restaurants and bars. Cocktail photography is her passion. "I really enjoy my amazing job and hope to keep doing it through my entire life! " Elena usually finds inspiration on Instagram; "there are hundreds of amazingly talented photographers you can always learn from." Also sometimes, a product itself and or some new props can become an inspiration.  Elena loves her job, and she loves working with clients, with restaurants and bars. But cocktail photography...

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Design your Home Interior with the Saved Boards Feature on your Dashboard

Design Your Home with Saved Boards Whether you need a change of feng shui or have finally decided to redesign your at-home workspace since it seems that 2020 has 'normalized' remote work then we have found a solution that allows you to seek out the interior design inspiration you need and save it all in one place.  Our newest feature, Saved Boards allows you to create boards containing your preferred images.  Or maybe you are not looking to completely re-design your office, but perhaps add a new photo. With access to our extended license, you have the power to use the photos in more ways than we can count.  If you are looking for good images to decorate your wall...

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